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The three P’s (People, Parking, and Pets)

What do residents complain about most?  The three P’s: (People, Parking, and Pets).  We have specific rules on the upkeep of our town homes and Montgomery County Code Enforcement also has specific regulations on the upkeep of homes. If the individual is in violation of County code (doesn’t mow his grass, has a back yard full of garbage and junk), you can call Code Enforcement and ask that they come out and look at the problem.  The County usually issues a citation that the violation be fixed, or they will fine the unit owner. 

Montgomery County also has ordinances against noise disturbance.  Even with the Noise Control Ordinance in force, each of us should take responsibility for preserving a quiet atmosphere in our townhouse community.  Many noise problems can be resolved through the same methods used to confront other neighborhood problems. Tactful person-to-person communication is a good way to start.

If you have a pet, you need to pick up after your pet.  Pet waste left to decay on sidewalks, lawns, or common areas is a stinky mess and unhealthy for people and the environment. Pet waste can contain bacteria and parasites that severely sicken people, pets, and wildlife. And picking up after your pet is the law [Chapter 5-203(a)], with a $100 fine for non-compliance, applicable to both cats AND dogs! It's a law with which it's easy to comply: just bring along a plastic bag when you walk your dog.

The easiest way is to use a plastic bag, such as a produce or newspaper bag, and then place that bag into your regular outgoing household trash can.  Please do not dispose of the waste in our tot lot trash cans—it’s unhealthy for the kids and attracts rats and other pests that love the high-fiber content.